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Ajinomoto Omnichem S.A.


As pioneer of amino acids, we offer a whole amino-acid based ingredients range. These are very mild, gentle to skin and hair, multi-functional and problem solving, highly biodegradable, environmentally friendly and a perfect fit for natural cosmetic concepts.
Feel free to try out our Surfactants (Amisoft ™ & Amilite™), Humectants (Ajidew™, Prodew™, Aquadew™), Emollients (Eldew™), Conditioning (Amisafe™), Functional powders (Amihope™), Anti-microbial boosters and Gelling agents!
We can help to meet your needs in a challenging market: Natural, Sustainable, Microplastic free or Solid Cosmetics with very high Performance, keeping the skin healthy!



Ingredients, Home Care, Personal Care