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CAM-D Technologies GmbH


CAM-D is involved in the production and distribution of active ingredients based on zinc ricinoleate. These actives are used for pollutant absorbers and for odor control in Cosmetics, Home care applications and industry.
The quantity of CAMDsorb materials are currently produced in Germany is in the range of 100 tons per year (2024) and are distributed by well-known Distributors mainly in Europe and China. CAM-D is one of the largest manufacturers of zinc ricinoleate in Europe.
Additionally, CAM-D Technologies is doing contract research for the chemical industry using computer simulation techniques for the development of new formulations and novel surfactants for detergents and cleaners as well as innovative active ingredients for cosmetics. Customers are all major companies in the chemical industry in Germany.
The company was founded in 2002 and is located in D-42697 Solingen, Germany.


CAM-D Technologies GmbH
Duesseldorfer Strasse 79
D-42697 Solingen




Distributor, Ingredients, Home Care, Personal Care